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Crossfit and obstacle gym in Celina, TX

About Celina Pro Fitness

If you are a resident of Celina, TX, looking to get fit or improve your overall health, you are in luck! Celina Pro Fitness is the community’s newest functional fitness training center with CrossFit training, Ninja Warrior courses, and even massage therapy, yoga, and chiropractic care. When you get a gym membership with us, we can assist you with both fitness and nutrition, taking your health to new levels.

When you visit our full-service gym, you will have access to training that other gyms just don’t offer. You can take advantage of our obstacle training on courses just like the type that is used on the television show American Ninja Warrior to either set and reach new goals for yourself or even to prepare yourself for your Ninja Warrior audition! We also offer CrossFit® classes to help you whip your body into shape with a blend of multiple different types of exercise, from cardio to endurance-based.

About Celina Pro Fitness

CrossFit Training

CrossFit training is the quickest way to get in shape. Our program is great for individuals looking for well-rounded workouts using your body’s large muscle groups. By working your muscles and joints, you will improve your strength and flexibility as well as your posture and balance.




At our facility, you can get your hands on some amazing products that can help you both look and feel more youthful. Products like AdvoCare® and Somaderm™ focus on overall bodily wellness.

Staying in shape doesn’t have to be hard when you visit a gym that prioritizes your individual goals in all aspects of fitness. We know that you have a busy schedule outside of fitness, so we offer convenient hours that will allow you to visit us before or after work or school. Stop in today to check out all we have to offer you or give us a call now to start your gym membership.